Often, the results of a performance analysis depend on the computers used and specific features of software or libraries used. Hence, it is essential to describe our experimental/simulation set up in details. It enables others to repeat those experiments and check whether the results are rigorous, statistically sound, and unbiased…

I derived the following checklist to assess the comprehensiveness of the patterns I wrote for my blockchain data migration work. The checklist is derived from the best practices suggested in the following:

  • Tim Wellhausen and Andreas Fießer, “How to Write a Pattern? A Rough Guide for First-Time Pattern Authors,” Nov. 2011.
  • Neil B. Harrison, “Advanced Pattern Writing Patterns for Experienced Pattern Authors”, 2004.
  • Doble J. Meszaros and Jim Doble, A Pattern Language for Pattern Writing,” In Proc. Intl. Conf. on Pattern Languages of Program Design, 1997.

An Excel sheet with the checklist can be downloaded from my website.

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